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Blog Posts in January, 2013

  • Get to Know Attorney Joseph P. Doyle

    Finances can be tough, and when you are in a precarious position with debt and finances, you need a wise and calculating attorney to come alongside you. You deserve a knowledgeable legal assistant who can help you to organize your debts and determine which route you should take to debt elimination. If you choose to ignore your debt situation because of the costs, then you may have your home seized ...
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  • Foreclosures in Bankruptcy

    In today's financial climate, an increasing number of people are having difficulties keeping up with a tumultuous real estate market. In the bankruptcy sense, this involves a spike in foreclosure rates. Foreclosure, or the possibility of such, can happen for many different reasons. Maybe someone lost their job, their mortgage rate readjusted, or they simply got in over their head at a time when ...
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  • The Bankruptcy Petition and Schedules, Part III

    Our final discussion on the Bankruptcy Petition and schedules looks mostly at income, expenses, and an overview of your financial affairs. This would complete a petition, in conjunction with the schedules covering real and personal property and secured and unsecured debt. Schedule G This schedule is used to list all of your co-debtors that aren't also filing. For instance, if you had cosigned on a ...
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  • The Bankruptcy Petition and Schedules, Part II

    Last week we started to address the various schedules that constitute a bankruptcy petition. We addressed Schedule A (covering real property), Schedule B (covering personal property), and Schedule C (detailing the exemptions used to shield assets listed on both Schedules A & B). Now, we turn to schedules that address and detail your debt. Schedule D Schedule D lists all of your secured debts. ...
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  • The Bankruptcy Petition and Schedules, Part I

    Successfully understanding and completing the bankruptcy petition is the key to achieving a complete discharge in your bankruptcy. No matter which Chapter you file your bankruptcy in, you will need to complete your petition. Understanding it and doing it correctly the first time will ensure a smooth process until you are discharged. We will outline in a few posts the various schedules and sections ...
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  • Common Bankruptcy Misconceptions

    Perhaps the biggest misconception about filing bankruptcy is that you will lose all of your property. We've discussed that previously here, with it being important to note that you will not lose all of your property if you file. Beyond that, however, there are still misconceptions regarding filing bankruptcy - some would even say stigmas - that can be easily addressed. The first of these is that ...
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  • Post Filing Requirements

    Once a bankruptcy case is filed, there are still a few requirements needed from the client before they are discharged free and clear and ready for their fresh start. First, it is important that the client call and obtain from their attorney their case number right after filing their case. With their case number, they can then proceed to complete their Debtor's Education course, as well as give ...
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