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  • The Chapter 7 Discharge

    The primary goal in any bankruptcy, including a Chapter 7, is to obtain a discharge. The discharge is the order by the court that eliminates the liabilities of that particular debtor. In Chapter 7 cases , this is governed by 11 USC 727. The way that this statutory provision is structured is such to favor a discharge unless certain things exist in the case that can hinder them. The language of the ...
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  • Reopening a Bankruptcy Case

    Bankruptcy, by definition, is a legal process that deals in large part with numbers. Debt figures, income levels, number of people in a household, trustee payments - you name it - all deal with numbers. An extension of this is in deadlines. Most stages of the bankruptcy process deal with dates set in advance, with requirements that must met by those dates. This can include a meeting of creditors ...
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  • Common Bankruptcy Misconceptions

    Perhaps the biggest misconception about filing bankruptcy is that you will lose all of your property. We've discussed that previously here, with it being important to note that you will not lose all of your property if you file. Beyond that, however, there are still misconceptions regarding filing bankruptcy - some would even say stigmas - that can be easily addressed. The first of these is that ...
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