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  • Meeting With Your Attorney

    Bankruptcy law is complex and difficult to understand. Attempting to navigate the various rules, laws, and legal framework, not to mention completing and filing the necessary schedules, paperwork, and documents, is a difficult task. For this reason, the first step in filing a bankruptcy is to consult an experienced and competent attorney. When you initially meet with your attorney, it is important ...
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  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - Prefiling Requirements

    Prior to filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, there are various documents that must be provided to your attorney in order to be able to complete your bankruptcy petition. Above anything else, you must provide your most recent 4 years of tax returns, the previous 6 months of paystubs, and statements from your bill collectors. In addition to these, those filing bankruptcy must complete a credit ...
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  • Joseph P. Doyle Now Accepting all Major Credit Cards

    At the Law Office of Joseph P. Doyle, we are committed to making our clients' lives easier in any way that we can. Although we are able to do so by assisting them through the complex process of filing for bankruptcy , we believe that there is always room to improve on the level of personalized service that we provide. For this reason, our Chicago bankruptcy lawyer has recently decided to purchase ...
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  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - Mandatory Requirements

    Yesterday we discussed the documentation that is required from a debtor prior to filing bankruptcy. This documentation includes paystubs, tax returns, and completion of the pre-filing credit counseling course. Today, we discuss two other major requirements prior to filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy: paying your attorney fees in full and a review of your completed bankruptcy petition with your ...
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