Who Appears at My 341 Meeting of Creditors?

Although notice of your meeting is creditors is mailed to all of your creditors, in the majority of Chapter 7 bankruptcies, the only people present at your trustee meeting are yourself, the bankruptcy trustee, and your bankruptcy attorney. Most unsecured creditors, like credit card companies, unsecured loan companies, and medical services companies, are so commonly included in Chapter 7 bankruptcies that they rarely appear at your meeting of creditors.

Sometimes, although it is quite infrequent, an uncommon creditor will show up at the meeting. Often, these uncommon creditors are someone who knows you personally, like an old friend who loaned you money. These individuals are unfamiliar with the bankruptcy process and most likely read the notice received from the bankruptcy court and thought they were required to attend. These uncommon creditors do not realize that in the majority of cases there will be a ruling from the trustee that there are no assets available for distribution to creditors and as a result, their presence at the meeting was unnecessary.

A secured creditor may appear at the meeting to provide a reaffirmation agreement for your house or car, but this process much more often occurs by mailing the reaffirmation agreement to your attorney's office seperately. Thus, in the vast majority of cases, there will be no one at your meeting besides you, your attorney, and the bankruptcy trustee appointed to your case.