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About Our Bankruptcy Law Firm

Attorney Joseph P. Doyle is dedicated to helping people who are in a financial crisis. Bankruptcy law can give a person a second chance. Many individuals have the option of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to seek a fresh start. Bankruptcy can potentially help you eliminate your credit card debt, medical bills, utility bills and much more, so you can start anew and move in the right direction. It can also help you put an end to home foreclosure, car repossession, and pending lawsuits.

The important thing to know about bankruptcy law is that it can change an impossible situation into something better. With a successful bankruptcy, you could be able to regain hope and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

At our firm, we know the importance of understanding bankruptcy law, as it can genuinely help people and change their lives for the better. It can help get you get out of poverty and even enable you to have a job in which you can earn a stable income. It can stop creditors from bombarding you and it can also spare you the embarrassment at work of having your wages garnished.

Why We Are Prepared to Help You

  • We Can Help to Eliminate Your Debt

    We strongly believe in providing clients with accessible and honest advice throughout the entire bankruptcy process.

  • We Can Protect Your Consumer Rights

    We are dedicated to protecting you from debt collection, telemarketer abuse, unfair auto financing, and student loan debt.

  • We Can Help End Wage Garnishment

    We can help put a stop to collector calls, garnished wages, and frozen bank accounts to move to a stronger future.

  • We Can Put a Stop to Creditor Harassment

    When you hire us to handle your lender negotiations or bankruptcy, debt collectors can no longer contact you.

Get an Opportunity for a Fresh Start

Bankruptcy is an Opportunity for a Fresh Start

Why We Are Right for You

We can provide you with the high-quality legal services you need in order to improve your chances of success in your bankruptcy case. Our team does everything in its power to provide the type of care our clients are looking for when they search for a bankruptcy attorney. If you are facing possible foreclosure because of your debt, having money automatically taken from your checks, or are simply in over your head, we can help you understand how bankruptcy may benefit you and your personal finances.

An initial consultation, which we offer free of charge, will allow us to review your situation, determine your needs, and propose a plan of action to reach your goals and protect what is important to you. Our attorneys are highly skilled and are fully equipped to guide you down the correct path.

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Take Control of Your Future

You need to learn to master your money. If you do not make plans for your financials, someone else will. Take the control back today.

Bankruptcy FAQ

Lean More About Us, the Firm, & Bankruptcy Misconceptions
  • What made you decide to pursue a career in bankruptcy law?

    I really enjoy helping people, and bankruptcy is an area where you can do exactly that. As an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, I get to see people on their worst day; they come in concerned and upset and worried, and afterwards, once the process is complete, they always look and sound a lot better. It is a life-changing event for the better.

  • In your opinion, what sets your firm apart from the rest?

    We really do care about our clients and always meet with them personally. We are also open seven days a week, so we can meet clients when they are not working. Most of our clients are wage earners and cannot miss work.

  • How do you help clients decide whether or not to file for bankruptcy?

    We are totally honest with our clients. I have been practicing bankruptcy law for over 10 years, so we know when it is a good case or if bankruptcy would not be a good idea.

  • Q:Do you only represent clients who live in Chicago?

    A:We represent clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We practice in Lake, Rockford, DuPage, Kane, and Will County as well. I have also filed cases in the Central District of Illinois and in the Southern District of Illinois.

  • Q:How do you help clients prepare for a debt-free future?

    A:We advise clients to wait and increase their credit score before making any large purchases — start small with a $350 to $500 credit limit and only have one credit card moving forward. Use it month in and month out and pay it off in full in order to demonstrate to future creditors that you can take on new debt and pay it off in full each month. If the creditor increases your credit limit, call them up and tell them to reduce it back down to the $500 range, so that way, you don't fall into the credit card trap. I explain to them that it's a lot like having a car payment — most cars usually cost less than $500 a month because the car creditor knows that after you pay your mortgage/rent, your utilities, and living expenses, you will only have a few hundred dollars left over to make a car payment. How could a credit card be any different?

  • Q:What is the first thing that you do when you take on a new case?

    A:We will put them into our computer system so they can start referring their creditors over to us right away.

  • Q:What advice do you most often give your clients?

    A:That their worries stay here with us, and that they no longer have to fear that they are alone struggling with their debt issues.

  • Q:Name some of the most common misconceptions about bankruptcy:

    A:Your credit report will suffer by filing a bankruptcy. 

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