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Identity theft may be one of the most well-known white-collar crimes committed in the modern era. For most people, identity theft generally concerns the theft of a Social Security number or credit card number for use to defraud an individual of their savings or simply make online purchases. While the crime of identity theft does encompass these ideas, there are a variety of other actions for which an individual may face similar charges. It is imperative that you ensure you are protected against all forms.

At Attorney Joseph P. Doyle, we help victims of identity theft get their lives back. In the event that you or a loved one has been a victim of a form of identity theft, you should consult a Schaumburg identity theft attorney immediately to understand the scope of the crime, as well as what future course of action is advisable.

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What Exactly Is Identity Theft?

While an individual may be charged with identity theft upon making fraudulent purchases using the funds of another, this is not the only way in which it may happen.

The law provides that an individual will be guilty of committing identity theft if they:

  • Impersonated another or assumed “a false identity” and committed “an act in such assumed character of false identity.”
  • Pretended to be a “representative of some person or organization” and did “an act in such pretended capacity.”
  • Impersonated another, assumed a false identity, or made “a false or misleading statement regarding the identity of any person.”
  • Obtained any personal “identifying information pertaining to another person” and used that information “in order to…represent himself as another person.”

Inside of these guidelines, it also specifically states that an individual can be considered guilty of identity theft if they took any one of these actions for the benefit of themself, to defraud or injure another, or simply to avoid payment for prior services.

Steps You Should Take After Identity Theft

If someone has possession of your sensitive personal information, they may be able to access your bank account, open credit accounts under your name, and even seek medical treatment using your health insurance policy. Such activity can result in financial losses and seriously affect your credit. As soon as you suspect you have been a victim of identity theft, you should be taking steps to mitigate the fallout as much as possible.

If you believe that you have been a victim of identity theft, immediately:

  • Contact each of the major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) and request an immediate fraud alert for your credit file. You can also place a credit freeze on your file.
  • Close any accounts that have been compromised. If and when you open new ones, use new and unique passwords.
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission to report the incident(s). If you think somebody is using your Social Security number, contact the Social Security Administration’s fraud hotline.
  • If any accounts have been fraudulently opened in your name, contact the creditors to inform them what happened and ask that the accounts be closed.
  • If the fraud occurred at a specific location, such as a retail store, request a financial identity theft police report.
  • Send a copy of relevant documentation—police reports, fraud affidavits, etc.—and a written dispute of any fraudulent accounts to each major credit bureau and send a copy to the creditor for each account. Use certified mail and be sure to save copies of everything you send and all responses you receive.

Contact an Identity Theft Attorney Today

Being a victim of identity theft can have numerous consequences, including putting you into debt, damaging your credit score, and causing emotional distress. A legal professional can help you avoid the fallout as much as possible by advocating on your behalf.

We can help craft a strategy that is specific to your case and can help guide you through this difficult time. Please call us today at (312) 957-8077.

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