Waiting for the Bankruptcy Discharge

The final stretch before your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case is completed is waiting for the discharge. This period comes after your initial 341 Meeting of Creditors. After your meeting, creditors will have an opportunity to object. This is standard procedure and the primary reason that your case takes approximately 60 additional days after the trustee meeting to be closed out.

Assuming that no one objects to the bankruptcy discharge, and chances are there will not be any objections, a discharge order will be entered and then subsequently mailed to you, all other parties, and your bankruptcy attorney. At this point in time, creditors can no longer object to your bankruptcy case and your fresh start has arrived. If a creditor still contacts you afterwards, simply mail or fax them a copy of the discharge order so their records can be updated. It is perfectly ok to contact your bankruptcy attorney if this happens, but rest easy knowing that this happens sometimes and that upon receipt of the discharge order the creditor will almost certainly stop attempting to collect on the debt.