Why Hire a Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Do You Really Need an Attorney To Help You File for Bankruptcy?

If you are struggling to pay bills and make ends meet, filing for bankruptcy may be your best option. The question is—do you hire a bankruptcy lawyer to help you through this process? While it may seem like a waste of much-needed money, hiring a Chicago bankruptcy attorney can actually help you save money in the long run. Not only do bankruptcy laws change on a regular basis, but they are also extremely difficult to navigate without any prior bankruptcy knowledge / experience. Having a bankruptcy lawyer on your side during your bankruptcy case can help ensure a positive outcome.

How a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

When you hire a bankruptcy attorney, they can provide the following:

  • Protection from creditor harassment
  • Protection from mistakes
  • Protection from feeling uncertain about the bankruptcy process
  • Information about the bankruptcy process

If you are receiving daily phone calls from creditors about your debt, hiring legal counsel can help put an end to their obnoxious, constant calls. A proactive Chicago bankruptcy attorney can call your creditors and attempt to stop them from contacting you directly. Instead, if the creditors wish to obtain information, they can call your attorney. Hiring a lawyer can also protect you from making mistakes while you are completing bankruptcy paperwork. An attorney can sit with you and help you correctly fill out all necessary paperwork, as well as submit it on time and to the correct agencies.

Since many people don't have experience with bankruptcy, retaining legal counsel can help inform you about the types of bankruptcy, the chapter you may qualify for, and how said chapter can help relieve you of debt. If some of your debts are years old, a lawyer can determine if the statute of limitations has run out on said debt. Bankruptcy attorneys can communicate with the court, the trustee who is in charge of reviewing your case, and creditors. This cannot only save you time and money, but help curb anxiety and stress, as well.

Contact a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney Today

The Chicago bankruptcy lawyer at Joseph P. Doyle has extensive experience and has assisted dozens of individuals throughout the Chicago area file for bankruptcy. If you are uncertain about filing for bankruptcy, Attorney Doyle can also help determine if you have any alternatives to bankruptcy. To schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact our firm today.