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Chicago Wage Garnishment

Are Your Wages Being Garnished?

When a creditor obtains a Writ of Garnishment, they can then garnish your wages. Your employer must then withhold a portion of your paycheck, and is obligated to do so, under law. This portion of your paycheck is used to pay the creditor. Although it can take creditors a long time to obtain this type of writ, once it is obtained, you may lose a substantial amount of your wages, creating real financial problems and the inability to keep up with the basic costs of living.

We Can Help Stop Wage Garnishment!

Fortunately, our firm has assisted countless individuals to stop wage garnishment. Attorney Joseph P. Doyle is highly knowledgeable in all of the legal issues surrounding wage garnishment. We have been able to help countless clients halt wage garnishment. The first step is to attempt to stop your wage garnishment immediately. Please speak with a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer from our firm regarding any wage garnishment issues you may be facing.

There are a number of financial solutions available to you:

Wage Garnishment Assistance

In order to garnish your wages a creditor is required to get a court judgment. Taxing authorities have an easier time getting a portion of your paycheck. A Chicago bankruptcy attorney may be able to supply the necessary evidence to halt the garnishment, as well as negotiate a better solution for you. Your options may include discharging the debt completely through bankruptcy protection.

We can assess your situation and advise what your viable options may be, whether or not it includes bankruptcy. In some cases, the creditor has provided false or incomplete information in order to obtain the Writ of Garnishment, if this has occurred we can expose this wrongful conduct and get the writ cancelled.

Just because you owe a debt does not mean a debt collector can violate your consumer rights or fail to provide accurate info. If your wages are being garnished, contact our firm today.

We Can Help You Work Toward a Debt-Free Future

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