Wage Garnishments and Lawsuits

Most of the time, there's a stage prior to filing bankrutpcy that can adequately described as "preparing for bankruptcy." This usually involves gathering the necessary documents, fees, and other information to hand over to your bankruptcy attorney to begin the process of filing. This is a process that can take some time and is usually up to the prospective debtor as to how fast they'd like to move.

Sometimes, though, the choice isn't theirs. If you have an impending lawsuit, or frozen bank account, or sale date on your home, or are already advanced in the lawsuit to the point where a wage garnishment is about to come through, the only solution is to rush the case. In these instances, getting the bankruptcy filed as soon as possible is important.

With a wage garnishment, the bankruptcy filing is the only way to stop the taking of the money out of the paycheck. Any money taken out ahead of the filing is likely gone, but the automatic stay prevents any debt collectors from taking money out after the filing. The filing also undoes frozen bank accounts. It's important with regular lawsuit court dates to file before a default judgment is entered against you, especially if you have real estate in order to prevent any judgment liens being placed on your property. With sale dates on your home, getting the bankruptcy filed before that sale date is of paramount importance.

In rush cases, anxiety can be at an all time high. Consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney to handle these matters and get you the relief you are seeking.